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We grow, nurture and distribute premium black truffles from our family orchard in Manjimup, Western Australia. Freshly unearthed with outstanding aroma, we send them directly to discerning truffle distributors and chefs around the world.

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Truffle Hunter Pottinger Truffles Australia
Truffle trees producing truffles


Pottinger Truffles offer an inoculation, propagation and consultancy service for those interested in starting or expanding their existing orchard. Trees are inoculated with quality Tuber melanosporum, which is grown and harvested on our own orchard.

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It takes superior soil, a pristine environment and great conditions to grow truly world-class truffles. We’re very lucky to have our own pocket of land in South West WA that ticks all the boxes, resulting in the most productive truffle yield per square hectare anywhere in the world.

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Whether you’re interested in our truffles or starting your own orchard, we’re always happy to talk about truffles.

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