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Working shoulder to shoulder for generations

The Pottinger family has been farming for over 500 years; from sheep farming in remote Orkney, off the northeast coast of Scotland, to our truffle orchard in the southern forests of Western Australia.

Three generations live on the property: David Sr. and his wife, Elma and their son, David Jr. with his wife Julie and their children.

While David Jr. oversees the overall care of the orchard, harvest and sales, David Snr looks after the pruning and irrigation system.

During truffle harvesting season Elma is responsible for cleaning the truffles while Julie ensures the consistency and quality of grading. The kids are a little young to be put to work just yet, but they’re keen to learn and help keep us smiling.

The family first moved to the property in 1981, growing and harvesting a variety of produce including cauliflower, grapes and avocados.

It was during the late 1990s we began hearing about truffle orchards and, in 1999, we planted our first hazelnut and oak trees – one of the first families in the region to do so.

Now, the Manjimup region is renowned around the world for producing beautiful, premium quality black truffles and we are proud to be a part of that legacy.

Our family crest is a pelican, an ancient symbol of parental sacrifice. Working shoulder to shoulder with family reminds us of that sacrifice and how our hard work is helping the next Pottinger generation.

We have a shared purpose of nurturing this land with integrity, with a vision of future generations continuing our legacy.

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"You should do what gives you pleasure, and farming gives us pleasure."

David Pottinger Snr.

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