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Combine Hazelnut trees with beautiful Oaks to produce world-class Black Truffles

Whether you are planting a new truffle orchard or expanding an existing one, it is important to safeguard your investment with trees from a source of proven quality and integrity.

Pottinger Truffles offer an inoculation, propagation and consultancy service, where trees are inoculated with Tuber melanosporum from our family orchard – the same land that produces the most productive truffle yield per square hectare anywhere in the world.


Our orchard includes both Hazelnut and Oaks trees to help produce our premium black truffles.

We grow hazelnut and oak trees to order from both seeds and cuttings, with trees available usually within 18 months. All orders require a minimum 100 trees.


If you’re interested in purchasing some of our world-class truffle producing trees, please get in touch.

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“The truffle growing industry is immersed in secrecy. But it’s no secret that when love is put into farming, the results can be astounding.”

David Pottinger Jnr.


With decades of farming and truffle experience, we understand the process of tending to an orchard, as well as the distribution of quality produce. As such, we’re happy to offer consultancy services for those interested in truffle orchards.

We tailor our level of consultancy according to your level of experience, dealing with all aspects of the truffle life cycle – from planting, orchard management, disease and pest control, to sales and distribution.

There’s a variety of requirements that help produce a successful truffle orchard; luck being one of them. You’ll also need plenty of rainfall (approximately 600mm annually), a decent amount of space (minimum five acres works best), as well as investing in irrigation.

If you’re interested in our consultancy service, talk to us to find out more.

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