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Tuber Melanosporum: Perigòrd or Premium Black Truffle

Pottinger Truffles grow, nurture and distribute premium black truffles from our family orchard in Manjimup, Western Australia.


We distribute beautiful, quality black truffles fresh from our orchard to discerning distributors and chefs around the world at a high demand.

This is because Pottinger Truffles are renowned for their premium quality and outstanding aroma; the most important characteristic of quality.


Nearly 50 per cent of our black truffles are graded as extra or first class - the very best of the best - and our grading standards are second to none.


In fact, we've been grading truffles for nearly two decades. Our experience has given us a keen eye for detail and essential knowledge on how to care for them properly. Every Pottinger Truffle leaves our orchard in pristine condition, reaching its destination in the very same way.

If you’re interested in purchasing our Pottinger Truffles, or any truffles we also distribute from nearby orchards, please get in touch.

Please note: The truffles origin is always clear at the point of sale.

Buy Manjimup truffle Pottinger Truffles Australia

“We’re so proud when we hear that our truffles are on the tables of some of the finest restaurants in the world.”

David Pottinger Jnr.

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